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The national currency has lost its value against the Euro and Ariary on the interbank currency market for a week.

The fall of the ariary accelerates. For a week, the national currency has seen a dizzy fall. The ariary rate against the dollar declined by 6% of its value On the interbank currency market, the US dollar was equivalent to 3,111 ariary on March 10 and ended at 3,309.12 ariary on March 17 . While everything seemed to be going well at the beginning of the year. As for the euro, the market curve gives the same pattern. The ariary lost 7% of its value against the currency of the European Union. It traded at 3,294.18 ariary on 10 March against 3,524 ariary on 17 March.
Economists do not dismiss the idea of ​​intervention by the central bank behind this depreciation. "At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the season for the arrival of international aid and the repatriation of foreign currency following exports, the ariary is still appreciated. This season, this appreciation was particularly important. To avoid excessive fluctuations in the period of depreciation between April and September, the Central Bank has had to intervene, "said an economist. The idea, therefore, is to mitigate now the impacts of the depreciation of the national currency, which will not fail to take place between April and September, especially if vanilla knows a shock after cyclone Enawo.


Product failures Air Madagascar

Tana 09/14/2015
The objective of 300,000 tourists this year will not be achieved. It's official. For comparison, our neighbor, Mauritius welcomed almost a million tourists last year and the figure is increasing year by year.

Minister of Tourism, Transport and Meteorology, Ulrich Andriatiana confirms that the reservations cancellation rate in hotels peaks up to 60% to 70%. Catastrophic figure for a country not at war, which is supposed to be no longer in crisis, which is not the victim of terrorist attacks ... But the strike of Air Madagascar in full tourist season was right too many efforts of tour operators as the willingness of tourists to visit our beautiful country, its national parks and beaches dreams. Especially as the problems do not seem too evolve even after the strike.

If the strike after a month, tourists can take other airlines to reach or leave Madagascar, they can not help but take Air Madagascar for domestic flights for travel within the country. To join Maroantsetra Taolagnaro or Sainte Marie tourists do not have many choices besides the national airline. And if they are blocked in Maroantsetra for delay or cancellation of flights, common in the national company, they may miss their flight home and have problems in their work and so on. Not to mention that if they still take the national company to return to Europe, the list of woes is likely to go on forever. The local TV station, TV Kolo interviewed several passengers of Air Madagascar expected from August 19 but were still stranded in Ivato on September 11, following serial cancellations.

The dances of a whale

Antsanitia 02/09/2015

Until then, the world only knows the whale season of Sainte-Marie in Madagascar. Yet these cetaceans are also found off the coast of Mahajanga each year, from August until the end of October.Thus, it has been three years now that Antsapêche associations (Antsanitia fisheries) and Cétamada (Cetaceans in Madagascar) are organizing a safari whales and dolphins off Antsanitia, 15 km north of the city of Mahajanga to allow people observe these cetaceans in their natural habitat.A cetacean specialist MadagascarAs explained specialists in these associations, whales are migratory species, so once they arrive in the waters of Madagascar, they take two different directions. Some of them go to the east side of St. Mary while others are moving to the west side of Mahajanga. For the latter, they remain very far off the coast, and this is what makes some people notice their presence. Yet they are beautiful is here